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Release, Relax, Unwind

A hugely successful treatment using hypnotherapy to help people become pregnant!

It not only eradicates fears and issues you may not even have been aware of, but because the body is governed by the subconscious mind, it also helps with physiological [body] functions such as blood pressure, improving the quality, and number of eggs produced, uterine lining, sperm motility, even weight control.

During a session you will be asked all the usual fertility questions, and about any fears you have about being pregnant or even about being a parent. This information will be incorporated into your specific personalised script to help you become pregnant.

You may be given affirmations, and 'Self Hypnosis' to do at home, or during IVF treatments (if undergoing IVF) based on your lifestyle, and personality type.

You also get the added benefit of learning to relax, become calmer, less stressed and more centred.




I struggled with "unexplained infertility" for 9 years.

Spent enormous amounts of money on tests and treatments, vast amounts of research and googling, until I finally utilised an old resource that had never failed me. Hypnotherapy.

I had used and practiced Hypnotherapy for many years for things like personal growth and stress, public speaking, age regression and so on. So it seemed only natural for me to use it for fertility.

I discovered HypnoFertility® which not only showed me the way forward on my own journey, but it made me realise what an epidemic infertility has become.

I have been helping women conceive ever since!

I believe conception and birth are a natural inherent part of being a woman.

Women are the ultimate creators of life and being a mother is probably the most important job - ever!

Media and social subconscious programming have made us beleive that it is scarey and painful, and my goal is to dispel this myth.

Birth can not only be pain free but it can be ecstatic, and a truly empowering experience.

It worked for me

"The mind is everything. What you think you become."

- Buddha


A revolutionary, non-invasive therapy to help to conceive your baby


Create the birth you want with HypnoBirthing!

Prepare your mind & body for a gentle easy birth


A gently hands on healing therapy, that will balance your body mind and soul


Specific breathing and yoga techniques to increase your health and fertility



41A Seabird Lane
Discovery Bay, HK

Tel: 852 2537 1087

M: 852 9765 7004

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