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Here we go again!

Just a few weeks after telling the adoption agency I did NOT want to be pregnant again, I found out I was indeed pregnant. In fact there's a high likelihood that I was pregnant as I was saying it.


I think my husband and I were in shock for the first 3 or 4 months. How could this happen?

I'm still in awe. I'm 43 and while the morning sickness was REAL, now at 5 months I feel really good. I have come to realise that while HypnoFertility can prepare you and open up space for baby, we have NO say - well at least I didn't in this case. I did everything wrong - had an MRI, X-ray, did a fast, had a sit up competition with my husband! But I've come to understand that these little fetus' are not as fragile as we think! If they want to be here no matter what they'll come. And Im glad. This little guy (who my son has affectionately called "Man") has pushed his way into our hearts, as only 2nd children can.

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